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9 Tips To Lose Weight By Laura Posada

9 Tips To Lose Weight By Laura Posada
9 Tips To Lose Weight By Laura Posada

Video: 9 Tips To Lose Weight By Laura Posada

Video: 9 Tips To Lose Weight By Laura Posada
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Laura Posada
Laura Posada

For many losing weight tops the list of New Years resolutions. If you are among these people and your motivation is losing momentum, the health, wellness and fitness expert Laura Posada shares some very favorable advice.

Posada told us that goals and teamwork are extremely important to guide your family in a healthy lifestyle and a long life full of health. "Declare war on boredom," says Posadas, who offers these tips:

1. Family together: 
 Team up with your family and make sure each member has a voice and vote in decisions and activities. Give your children the opportunity to comment and you will see how they will surprise you with creative ideas.

2. Organization: in the area of physical activity you must make sure you have all the sports equipment, toys and safety equipment in order; and in the kitchen area you should take inventory of the things you may need, from ingredients to kitchen utensils.

3. Goals and progress: the key to obtaining health and fitness is to set your goals and monitor the progress that the family is making.

4. Be realistic: Set your own pace and goals that are achievable. Remember that you are trying to make a big change that will take time and perseverance.

5. Nutrition:
 just as critical is the internal work, you must reconsider every detail of what you consume because food is the fuel that keeps the human oven alive.

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6. Exercises:
 Exercising does not specifically mean attending a gym. There are a variety of activities that can be done outdoors or even in the comfort of your home that will help you raise your heart rate while sharing with your family.

7. Hydration:
 Drink water daily and eat foods that are naturally hydrating, such as watermelon, cucumbers, and prunes. You can make frozen popsicles with low-sugar natural fruit juice to help keep your kids creatively hydrated.

8. Commitment:
 Use the power of the group to strengthen the commitment that has been made. Talk about discipline and explain the need for them to be consistent with the changes.

9. Have fun !: 
The most important part is remembering to have fun. Congratulate your family members for their effort and keep the positive tone in your home.

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