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Discover The Benefits Of Vaseline

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Discover The Benefits Of Vaseline
Discover The Benefits Of Vaseline

Video: Discover The Benefits Of Vaseline

Video: Discover The Benefits Of Vaseline
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Mimi, Vaseline
Mimi, Vaseline

It is not one of the most glamorous products you have, we know. You usually use it for split lips, some intimate game and little else. How wasted petroleum jelly is in your house! Did you know that she is a faithful ally for your beauty? I tell you how!

It works magic with your perfume

If you put a little petroleum jelly at the points where, afterwards, you will apply your favorite perfume … The fragrance will last much longer!

Beautiful eyelashes

If yours is the natural look, Vaseline is perfect for your eyelashes. Apply it like a regular mascara. Your eyelashes will be long and thick but without color, as if you had got up like this, with cat eyes.

Goodbye paintings

Removing makeup from your eyes always requires extra care because the skin is very sensitive. There are very expensive products to do it, but if you use petroleum jelly, you will see that you can remove the remains of mask, shadow and eyeliner very gently and cheaply.

Perfect manicure

I don't know if it happens to you, but when I paint my nails, sometimes I get out of the contour and stain my skin. Just when I'm in a hurry! But, if you put petroleum jelly on the outer edges of the nails, when you stain yourself you can remove the excess color without problems.

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Instant light

You just have to apply a little petroleum jelly to the points of your face that you want to illuminate, and the reflection of light will do the rest!

For difficult hair

Use petroleum jelly as a finish for your hairstyle when you have an unbearable frizz day. Spread a little to tame those little electric hairs, yes, remember that less is more.

Mix it with the powders

If you have powder-based makeup and mix it with petroleum jelly, you will get a creamy product that will deeply hydrate the skin.

Soft lips

Mix petroleum jelly with sugar and rub your lips to keep them soft and pink. An extra tip: if you mix it with sea salt, you can use it as a body peel under the shower.

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