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Yes It Is Possible To End Wrinkles Forever
Yes It Is Possible To End Wrinkles Forever

Video: Yes It Is Possible To End Wrinkles Forever

Video: Yes It Is Possible To End Wrinkles Forever
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Mimi, Kim
Mimi, Kim

Wrinkles are not to blame for wanting to take over your face; if you smile they come out and if you don't too If you frown too often a wrinkle will appear on your forehead or if you sleep on your stomach, you will probably wake up with chicken feet that deserve their own pen…. Anyway.

Although there are thousands of anti-wrinkle creams, Botox appears as a durable and effective solution with which you can practically iron wrinkles for a few months. However, there is still some fear, especially among Latinas. So I spoke to Alla Kiseleva, a Botox expert who works at MEDSpa44 in New York City, to clarify my doubts.

Alejandra Chaparro: When is the best time to start applying Botox?

Alla Kiseleva: “Before the lines of expression begin to form. When they are out, what Botox can do is prevent it from getting worse, so you need another additional treatment to get rid of wrinkles."

AC: What is the recommended age?

AK: “Age doesn't really matter if your muscle moves in such a way that a wrinkle is going to form. I started doing it at 23 because when I talk I move my muscles a lot, I laugh a lot and I also have expression lines”.

AC: But when you get to 40, aren't you going to look a little weird?

AK: “No, not at all. My face is going to look clean and fresh looking!”

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AC: Why are there celebrities or people who look like wax dolls?

AK: “Because plastic surgeries are also done and that is very different from Botox. Plastic surgeries cut your skin, affecting quality. Botox works more on the muscles. Not that I'm against surgery, but this works on your own skin, on skin health. Many celebrities do other things than Botox."

AC: How do you know the needs of each person?

AK: "I communicate a lot with my clients, I explain to them in detail what it is about, I ask them what their expectations are, what they like and that's what we do."

Mimi, Kate
Mimi, Kate

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AC: What are the benefits of Botox?

AK: “It prevents and also corrects. It gives you a rested look and helps you look younger because you are not moving your muscles."

AC: How long does the effect last on the skin?

AK: “About two to four months. The more you do it, your muscles get used to it and it will last longer”.

AC: And the dangers of doing it?

AK: "I have never had anyone who has had reactions, he may get a bruise or you may bleed a little but in a few hours that disappears."

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