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6 Celebrity Hair Trends

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6 Celebrity Hair Trends
6 Celebrity Hair Trends

Video: 6 Celebrity Hair Trends

Video: 6 Celebrity Hair Trends
Video: 6 Popular Celebrity Hairstyles That SUCK! (IMO) 2023, March
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

We already knew that hair is the frame of the face but lately that frame is a rainbow. Both celebrities and "real" women are attracting attention with the tone of their manes. The range of colors is impressive and here I gathered my favorites to show them off in the fall season. A sample? I just painted my hair a bluish black and I'm fascinated! Don't be afraid of change, girl …


This shade has captured many Hollywood beauties because it is the perfect transition from dark to light. There is no need to get the tedious little rays to give light to the face!

I shadowed

Imagine an ombré but inverted where the lighting of the hair is at the root and not at the end. To make the effect more contrast and achieve a gradient of ten, stylists use a strong tone and a lighter one from the same range. Think red-blonde, brown-gold, and black-blue with plenty of sparkle.


Hi Kylie Jenner ! This trend is for women who like to steal all eyes. I'm talking about a very black root and the rest of the platinum or blonde-white hair. The process is not easy to achieve but it is a showstopper.

Burned red

Rihanna made the unusual mix of red, brown and copper fashionable. It looks divine on dark skin and is not as complicated to achieve as you think, since you don't need to discolor it as much.

Golden coffee

Probably one of my favorite colors for women with dark hair who want a change of look. Beyoncé has taken over this tone and it looks spectacular.

platinum blonde

The classic for the daring who fear nothing. She is sexy, bright, with lots of personality and determination.

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