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Gina Rodríguez Sees Makeup In A Very Different Way
Gina Rodríguez Sees Makeup In A Very Different Way

Video: Gina Rodríguez Sees Makeup In A Very Different Way

Video: Gina Rodríguez Sees Makeup In A Very Different Way
Video: I Got Transformed Into Gina Rodriguez | Beauty Evolution | Refinery29 2023, March
Gina Rodríguez
Gina Rodríguez

You have probably seen her in Jane The Virgin every week, in great hits of the cinema like Filly Brown or you remember her for her speech at the Golden Globes that made us spill more than a tear … without a doubt, Gina Rodríguez is in everything … too on our September back cover. So it is no surprise that Crest has chosen her to host her new 3D White Brilliant 2 Step product in New York.

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After learning how to get whiter teeth in minutes, we had a chance to chat with Gina, who is perhaps the most intelligent, articulate, and mature celebrity of our time.

MIMI: Today is about looking impeccable. Tell us how you always look like ten?

GR: For me, it's about being clean, shiny, feeling beautiful naturally and without being afraid to show yourself as is. And of course, smile. Smiles are everything - they make me float. Do you know when you walk down the street and see someone who doesn't look happy and smile at you? It really changes your day. My grandmother always said "if you see someone without a smile on their face, smile at them" is my motto!

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MIMI: How do you approach makeup?

GR: In the same way that I do with clothes; experimenting, being different, exploring and transforming. But loving yourself is paramount, it is the best foundation. You should think of your face as a perfect, symmetrical blank canvas. What you add is already for fun.

MIMI: How do you stay beautiful and positive with so much pressure in Hollywood?

GR: I have photos that have been taken where I look ridiculous. But the beautiful thing about having a family is that they are going to tell you: “you are beautiful. That's enough and you don't need anything else. " So I don't mind seeing both sides - the glamorous, red-carpet Gina, and the Gina without makeup. I'm still going to feel beautiful whatever the setting.

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MIMI: You will be working with Britney Spears for the new season Jane The Virgin. What are your expectations? Are you hoping to learn something from her about beauty?

GR: Well, I met Britney at 16 years old. She was the biggest pop star of my life and her beauty was very natural. Seeing her grow, become a mother and evolve is amazing … Maybe meeting her at that point in her life marked me. She thinks she'll only do one episode, but I'll make her do 17!

Translation by Soe Kabbabe. Original report by Dan Koday.

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