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Paris Jackson Wants To Sing

Paris Jackson Wants To Sing
Paris Jackson Wants To Sing

Video: Paris Jackson Wants To Sing

Video: Paris Jackson Wants To Sing
Video: *New Paris Jackson wants to become a singer* 2023, March

They say that talent is not stolen, it is inherited. And most likely that is the case of the daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson who in an impromptu concert that occurred this weekend in New York showed her skills to sing like her famous father, and apparently she does not do anything wrong.

The spontaneous performance occurred during singer Austin Brown's show at Manhattan's exclusive SoHo House, a venue that admits only its partners and guests.

In a video posted by the artist himself this Sunday, Jackson is seen, standing next to Brown with an arm placed over his shoulder, dressed casually and wearing sunglasses singing the song “Smile”.

"Nothing better than when your little niece knows the words of your album" Smile "and wants to sing it with you," said part of his message, the delighted singer with the musical company of the daughter of the King of Pop.

Smiling and even a little sad, Jackson is dedicated to accompanying Brown almost a cappella, just with the company of a guitar. Hear how he does it!

In June of this year, Paris shared a photo next to the missing singer to pay tribute to his memory. "My angel, my king, my universe. 8 years without you feel like a lifetime, "he said.

Also in January, the daughter of the interpreter of "Thriller" made waves by revealing to Rolling Stone magazine that she had been sexually assaulted.

The blonde confessed that she had to undergo therapy at a Utah clinic. However, she appears to have gotten over the incident and has now dabbled in modeling and acting. Probably this is followed by singing …

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