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Walter Mercado Horoscope June 28

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Walter Mercado Horoscope June 28
Walter Mercado Horoscope June 28

Video: Walter Mercado Horoscope June 28

Video: Walter Mercado Horoscope June 28


March 20 - April 19

Take advantage of any job opportunities they offer you to become independent and achieve what was denied to you in the past. Money through inheritances or gifts reaches your hands, be sure to make good use of it. You will enjoy greater vitality and better health.

Lucky numbers: 5, 21, 52

Holy Word: Achieve


April 20 - May 20

The confusion and uncertainty of days gone by finally recede. Get your life in order and start something new, be it a project or that idea you have in mind. Stay away from anything that can cause tension. Those who hurt you now approach you to ask for forgiveness.

Lucky numbers: 45, 19, 6

Holy Word: Order


May 21 - June 20

End the fantasy and plant yourself in the reality of the present moment. Come back to reality. The decisions you make today will play an important role in your life. Enough of being so stubborn. What you are going to do today, do it with your heart and without major difficulties.

Lucky numbers: 2, 19, 45

Sacred Word: Reality


June 21 - July 21

You will not lack energies so that you can successfully complete any task, no matter how difficult it is. You have plenty of strength so you will take command today both at work and at home. Be more selective with your friends and don't trust your intimacies to anyone.

Lucky numbers: 26, 10, 4

Holy Word: Energy


July 22 - August 22

Find solutions to any problems you may have, leoncito. Good communication will be the one that guarantees peace and stability among those you love. If you have a partner, put aside insecurities and jealousy and put more effort into awakening passion in that relationship.

Lucky numbers: 19, 6, 31

Holy Word: Wake Up


August 23 - September 22

Take the initiative when it comes to money and business. Your mental faculties together with your spiritual strength strengthen you and lead you to success and happiness. What you dream now will be a favorable prediction for you. Be less demanding and more cooperative towards your family.

Lucky numbers: 28, 14, 3

Holy Word: Fortress


September 23 - October 22

Do not continue to think that what you want is impossible, since if you set your mind to it, everything is possible for you. Make room in your heart for a person who will soon come to your life filling you with new emotions and hopes. Open yourself to all the beautiful things in life.

Lucky numbers: 18, 34, 28

Sacred Word: Propose


October 23 - November 21

Take advantage of your good sense of humor and cultivate new friends. What you sow now will give you very good fruits in the future, so do not neglect the economic. Accept with a smile on your lips the challenges or changes that come before you.

Lucky numbers: 15, 40, 21

Holy Word: Smile


November 22 - December 20

Don't take unnecessary risks when it comes to your personal safety. Take care of everything that threatens your life. Be very careful where you go and who you are with. Don't let yourself be manipulated by other people's ambition and pay more attention to what you think, which is the right thing to do.

Lucky numbers: 33, 5, 11

Sacred Word: Attention


December 21 - January 19

It is imposed in your life to look for the real and the authentic, which is what will make you happy. Do not destroy yourself for those who do not want or want to change. Your intimate life is shaken so that you realize the importance that it has. Comply with yourself first so that later you can please others.

Lucky numbers: 7, 10, 15

Sacred Word: Comply


January 20 - February 17

Do not follow for love to those who do not value you or reciprocate as you deserve. It is time to start making changes in your life philosophy. Set an example for those next to you and do exactly what you both preach and advise others.

Lucky numbers: 41, 13, 2

Holy Word: Change


February 18 - March 19

Delays and obstacles related to your professional world, end, disappear. You will now go on safe and clean roads of any stone or problem. You will be successful in what is related to abroad, as well as experiencing great peace within your home.

Lucky numbers: 16, 20, 22

Holy Word: Success

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