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September 3, Horoscope

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September 3, Horoscope
September 3, Horoscope

Video: September 3, Horoscope

Video: September 3, Horoscope
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March 20 - April 18

Joining forces with your partner or associates will be what gives you success now. The help that you can give to others at this time will serve as a stimulus and will base every relationship on a firm basis. Criticizing or accusing will only create barriers and draw you away from those you appreciate or love.

Lucky Numbers: 44, 5, 16

Holy Word: Union


April 19 - May 19

Do not insist on what for some reason you do not want to manifest in your life since it is attracting the negative, what does not suit you. Easy Taurus, don't get into other people's problems. Do your thing and let everyone take responsibility for their actions.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 18, 45

Holy Word: Leave


May 20 - June 20

Take care more and worry less. Take care of more than yours and stop worrying about what others do or don't do. Don't waste your precious time on lamentation. Invest in yourself. Study or get involved in new studies. Travel, meet new cultures, new people.

Lucky Numbers: 10, 32, 48

Holy Word: Invest


June 21 - July 21

Now you will come out of everything that delays you, depresses you and does not let you progress. It is very important that you also do your part and do not create tragedies where there are none. Life is actually simpler than you imagine. Enough of fears and insecurities.

Lucky Numbers: 12, 8, 33

Holy Word: Get Out


July 22 - August 22

It is time to forgive, forget and start again without rancor and with your heart full of love. Give yourself a chance to be happy. You will be very active in your family circle, whether it be at parties, celebrations or meetings that will lead you to identify more with your family.

Lucky Numbers: 47, 15, 21

Holy Word: Sorry


August 23 - September 21

It is time to set limits. Do not comment on something that could incriminate you or involve you in a problem with those you love. You gave that person the green light to enter your private life and now you feel that your privacy has been invaded.

Lucky Numbers: 19, 27, 4

Holy Word: Limit


September 22 - October 22

Invest your free time wisely. Your creative talents could be an instrument to increase your economic income. It is imperative that you take action and start working on what brings greater prosperity to your life and that of your loved ones.

Lucky Numbers: 6, 50, 23

Holy Word: Talent


October 23 - November 21

In times of war or conflict, keep the peace. Even if you haven't been quite right lately, you still have time to repair the damage you did. Bury pride and ask for forgiveness if necessary. In humility you will find the peace that your soul so longs for.

Lucky Numbers: 25, 9, 18

Holy Word: Humility


November 22 - December 20

You will now recognize what really suits you both personally and professionally. You will show a stronger personality since you will be very sure of yourself. You are now in a period in which the truth will be what keeps you in the reality of the moment.

Lucky Numbers: 8, 45, 11

Holy Word: Reality


December 21 - January 18

Absorb that Divine energy that the Universe gives you minute by minute. A legal matter is coming to an end and you will see positive results. Take advantage of the present time to reorganize yourself and make room in your life for all the good and positive that is on the way.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 14, 30

Holy Word: Seize


January 19 - February 17

Be alert to any unknown person who approaches you. Not everyone can be trusted. Overcome that need to want to control or manipulate others. Don't go against the grain for trying to get away with it. Release, let go and you will see how what you want will come to you.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 16, 28

Holy Word: Overcome


February 18 - March 19

You now receive your reward for your good deeds towards others. A sense of satisfaction wraps you up and this in turn will be reflected in your personality. Gifts, displays of affection and invitations will not be lacking. You make up for lost time with someone you had strayed from.

Lucky Numbers: 36, 20, 13

Holy Word: Recover

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