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September 2, Horoscope

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September 2, Horoscope
September 2, Horoscope

Video: September 2, Horoscope

Video: September 2, Horoscope
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March 20 - April 18

Good Sunday to you, Aries. You are happy because at last your life is going to take the course you have always been waiting and wanting. Everything is going to fall into the right place and events will happen at the right time. Congratulations, you made the best decision.

Your statement today: "Today I begin to create a better future."

Lucky Numbers: 43, 7, 4

Holy Word: Start


April 19 - May 19

Sunday of peace and love. Visit a temple, which can be a church like a beach. Visit the place that fills you with good energy, faith and hope. It is your time to purify your soul and connect with the Supreme and Divine, with the force that moves the Universe.

Your statement today: "I have peace, love and well-being today and always."

Lucky Numbers: 4, 17, 29

Holy Word: Well-being


May 20 - June 20

Sunday to share with the family. Everyone who loves you will be by your side when you need it most and will fill your days with joy. Souls that have transcended from this physical plane will always be in your heart. Pray for them, pray for you too and for your peace.

Your statement today: "I live full of joy and joy."

Lucky Numbers: 20, 5, 28

Holy Word: Share


June 21 - July 21

This day is special. It is important to open your heart to the person who needs to know what you are hiding and you do not know how to solve by yourself. The truth sets us free. Planetary energy is positive for you this Sunday. Take the opportunity to join, communicate and love those who love you so much.

Your statement today: "I can."

Lucky Numbers: 18, 44, 20

Holy Word: Energy


July 22 - August 22

Any change occurred in the last days or weeks will be of benefit to you. It is your time to feel even freer to do and achieve your goals in life. Nothing stops you. Raise your spirits and rescue lost faith. You are the captain of your life and the creator of your future.

Your statement today: "I have full control of my emotions."

Lucky Numbers: 11, 49, 27

Holy Word: Control


August 23 - September 21

Nothing prevents you from being happy but your own fear of being happy. Virgo cares a lot about everything and everyone. Your desire to control the situations and people around you lead you to feel uneasy, upset and insecure. Drop all matters that do not correspond to you or cannot be changed. Be happy.

Your statement today: "I am free and I choose to be happy."

Lucky Numbers: 20, 44, 17

Holy Word: Choose


September 22 - October 22

Sunday to make peace with loved ones. Even if you dislike certain behavior or decisions of family and loved ones, they need your support, love and understanding. This is not the time to harm your happiness. Remember what makes you happy doesn't necessarily make someone else happy. Practice respect.

Your statement today: "I love you."

Lucky Numbers: 4, 28, 11

Holy Word:


October 23 - November 21

Laugh, today is a day to be happy. You can rejoice in life and infect others with your good attitude and encouragement in the face of any adversity. Drama and depression no longer complicate your days. Stay away from toxic, bitter and negative people. Planets incline you to take more care of your body.

Your statement today: "I am the best at what I do."

Lucky Numbers: 20, 4, 18

Holy Word: Laugh


November 22 - December 20

Total cleaning Sunday. You need to get out of everything that bothers you, it takes up space and it does not serve you. Create space and opportunities for what is to come in your life. If you continue to carry useless items or resentments from the past, your life will stay the same. It's up to you.

Your statement today: "I release myself from everything that limits me."

Lucky Numbers: 29, 4, 17

Holy Word: Opportunities


December 21 - January 18

A long but very frank conversation makes you react and accept what is never going to be. Be glad it happens like this, because you will be prepared for what the Universe has for you. Blessings come because you deserve it. Don't be afraid of changes. Dare to fly away.

Your statement today: "I accept the changes because they are for my good."

Lucky Numbers: 9, 44, 19

Holy Word: Future


January 19 - February 17

Feeling sorry for one or several people in your environment does not solve anything. Take action. It works for their good and yours. The stars have pleasant surprises for you on this day. Open yourself to enjoy them and thank the person who gave them to you.

Your statement today: “I live full of peace and lots of love. Thank you".

Lucky Numbers: 10, 4, 28

Holy Word: Surprise


February 18 - March 19

Pisciano, give yourself permission to be happy, you deserve it. Whether you are alone or accompanied, you must be at peace with yourself and enjoy everything you like to do. Read, go to the movies, listen to music, talk or meditate. Enjoy your home, pamper your body, this day is for you.

Your statement today: "I am happy and I love myself very much."

Lucky numbers: 1, 9, 39

Holy Word: Self love

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