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The New Trend Of Tattooing Freckles

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The New Trend Of Tattooing Freckles
The New Trend Of Tattooing Freckles

Video: The New Trend Of Tattooing Freckles

Video: The New Trend Of Tattooing Freckles
Video: I Got Faux Freckles Tattooed On My Face | Macro Beauty | Refinery29 2023, March

Staying up to the latest fashion trend today is a bit difficult since there are many trends to follow, especially if it is about beauty. Microblading, to have fuller eyebrows, ombré lips, and strobbing, are just some of the many options we have. But can you imagine getting freckles tattooed to be fashionable? That is the new trend that is taking over social networks and motivating many makeup lovers to commit "crazy".

Girls with freckles have long tried to cover them with makeup, and even disappear them with surgical procedures. So now many are more than surprised with this new hobby.

The new trend is called freckling and it's done using semi-permanent tattooing techniques and the results are supernatural.

Gabrielle Rainbow, an expert in tattoos and who now also offers freckling to her clients, assures that although at first the freckles look red and inflamed, over the days the result is incredible.


"When they're freshly made they will look swollen, like a bee sting, but the swelling goes down after a few hours and only flirty freckles remain," Rainbow said in an interview with Newbeauty.com. “Over the course of two months, the color softens dramatically and looks even more natural. With time they will also become lighter and if you want to keep the color you just have to go do a touch-up on yourself”.

The procedure takes about an hour and costs about $ 250. Would you dare to do it?

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