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Penis-printed Masks Sell Like Hot Cakes

Penis-printed Masks Sell Like Hot Cakes
Penis-printed Masks Sell Like Hot Cakes

Video: Penis-printed Masks Sell Like Hot Cakes

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A Utah woman designed and created her own coronavirus protection masks, but how are these different from the others? In the small colored penises that you have drawn in the design.

Mindy Vincent is a mother and wife who lives in Salt Lake, and who took advantage of the time she was in quarantine to create her own business: Project Penis Mask - and in the process being able to help people who are experiencing difficulties due to the situation of the pandemic, reported the New York Post.

"Look! My masks have arrived! I took this to Walmart and Petco today. When someone tells me that my mask has penises, I will let them know that this is how I determine that they are too close, please back off," he commented on his Twitter

According to the American newspaper, the idea of ​​the project was born from his son, who proposed that the funds raised be directed to the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition in Midvale, a nonprofit organization that serves a variety of COVID-susceptible groups. -19, from drug addicts to people suffering from HIV and hepatitis.

"We provide syringe exchange services, and we serve the most vulnerable people, and we cannot serve them especially during some kind of pandemic," Vincent said in a blog post.

The masks are often sold my publication, "Vincent told the Post grateful for the support." Today, I have found 150,000 people [the number is still increasing] who are in my tribe."

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