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Chiquis Rivera Shares Sad News About Her Puppy

Chiquis Rivera Shares Sad News About Her Puppy
Chiquis Rivera Shares Sad News About Her Puppy

Video: Chiquis Rivera Shares Sad News About Her Puppy

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In September of last year, Chiquis Rivera was thrilled to introduce her "baby" on social media, a puppy named Dallas that she and her husband Lorenzo Mendez brought home to be part of their family. "I am introducing our son Dallas Mendez who came to bring joy to our home. God is good," Jenni Rivera's oldest daughter wrote on Instagram along with a photo of the golden teacup poodle who had his own Instagram account, where the Mexican American singers shared loving photos of the pup.

Lorenzo Mendez also posted photos with the pup on his Instagram, proudly introducing the new member of the family. However, the couple just revealed on the Univision show El Break De Las 7 that their beloved pet recently died.

Dallas died suddenly after getting ill in November. "We haven't told anybody, but yes, I died," Mendez said.

The former lead singer of La Arrolladora Banda El Limón said these puppies that are bought from breeders -this one came from Korea - sometimes come home with diseases, and sadly, theirs wasn't an exception. "The person that cleans our house told us: 'He doesn't seem to be moving,'" Lorenzo added. "We both cried," Chiquis said about the moment she found out.

Chiquis admitted her pet's death really affected her emotionally, and she cremated him to keep his ashes at home. "I have a little angel. Like Lorenzo's mom says, I must have saved me from something. It's good to have pets at home for that reason. For me he is an angel," she said.

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