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Nicky Jam's Daughter Loves Social Media

Nicky Jam's Daughter Loves Social Media
Nicky Jam's Daughter Loves Social Media

Video: Nicky Jam's Daughter Loves Social Media

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Video: NICKY JAM INSTAGRAM LIVE! 2023, January

Alyssa Rivera, one of Nicky Jam's daughters, demonstrated that talent is in the blood and enchanted millions of followers after a new video of her singing one of her father's songs is revealed.

The clip was shared by the 18-year-old on her Instagram and later reproduced by the singer, who wanted to share it visibly proud of her oldest daughter. The young woman performed the song “Despacio”, which Nicky Jam recorded in collaboration with Natti Natasha, Manuel Turizo and Myke Towers.

The video has more than 1,200,000 views and 5,000 comments, among which stand out those of urban artists De La Guetto, Natti Natasha, Alberto Style and even the singer's fiancé, Cydney Moreau, who wrote: "Killed it".

The interpreter of "Mischief" has been characterized by being private about the lives of his daughters: Yarimar and Lucy, in addition to Alyssa, and their son Joe Martin.

The artist had already boasted of his daughter's talent in 2015, when he shared a video in which they sang together the song “Te busco”, from their duet with Cosculluela.

Nicky Jam
Nicky Jam

Undoubtedly, the artist is experiencing one of the best moments professionally and personally. This year he announced his commitment to his 24-year-old girlfriend and also on April 21, his successful series The winner opens on Netflix, which offers a more intimate look at his career, his history, his fight with drugs and what happened before jumping to stardom.

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