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Watch Ivy Queen's New Music Video "Antidote"

Watch Ivy Queen's New Music Video "Antidote"
Watch Ivy Queen's New Music Video "Antidote"

Video: Watch Ivy Queen's New Music Video "Antidote"

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Video: Instupendo - Antidote (Official Music Video) 2023, January

Ivy Queen talked to People CHICA about how she is spending her time in quarantine at home in Miami with her loved ones, and shared her new single "Antidote," meant to motivate her fans during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Being on lockdown is hard because we have to go out to earn our daily bread," admits the Puerto Rican singer. Her Raíz No Rama world tour has been postponed. She was touring the United States by bus and says she had a great time cooking for her entire crew, and they were all heartbroken to have to return home when their concerts were postponed indefinitely.

Ivy Queen
Ivy Queen

However, she is still recording music from her home studio and this new single is meant to uplift her followers. "'Antidote' was born out of that uncertainty and that pain we all feel," she says. "I had to take a pause before recording it because I broke down crying. My intention is for this song to touch and heal the hearts of those who need it."

The music video shows the reggaeton diva hugging fans prior to the social-distancing ordinance, playing with her 6-year-old daughter Naiovy, being affectionate with her husband Xavier, and lighting candles in a church. It also shows images of doctors and nurses fighting the virus around the world. The antidote to get over this crisis, she says, is love and solidarity. "I didn't want it to have a reggaeton beat," she says about the ballad. "This is what flowed for me. My soul is going through what everyone else is experiencing, that uncertainty and feeling of 'what if.' What is going to happen?"

Ivy's daughter is her biggest source of strength, and her priority is making sure she has a happy childhood. "She hugs trees, she likes books and to make music and plays," she says about the curious little girl. "It's not that she lives in a bubble - we have given her tools to survive in this world."

Experiencing this quarantine with her husband Xavier Sánchez has been enjoyable as well. "We give each other our space. I go to our room and write, he meditates, stretches, and drinks his tea," she says. "If we know we are going to say something uncomfortable to each other, we take a little time apart, and we never go to sleep angry at each other." Her mind is too restless to meditate, she admits, but writing and composing new songs has been her best therapy.

For more information on COVID-19, please visit the official website of the CDC.

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