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Springbreakers Challenge COVID-19 On Florida Beaches

Springbreakers Challenge COVID-19 On Florida Beaches
Springbreakers Challenge COVID-19 On Florida Beaches

Video: Springbreakers Challenge COVID-19 On Florida Beaches

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Video: Spring break partiers cavalier about COVID-19 2023, January

Millions of people have been reduced to confinement in California and other parts of the country due to the crisis experienced by the coronavirus pandemic.

But not everyone is eager to interrupt their plans or keep at home, as evidenced in a video that emerged in the middle of the week and where youngsters enjoying Florida's beaches due to Spring Break are challenging the fearsome respiratory illness.

"If he gives me a crown, he gives me a crown, at the end of the day I will not let him stop me from partying," exclaimed Brady Sluder, one of those interviewed in the clip published by CBS News in Miami. "We've been waiting for the Spring Break in Miami for a while. We planned this trip two, three months ago and we're just here having fun. Whatever happens will happen."

Brianna Leeder, another interviewee stated that this COVID-19 pandemic was "ruining her Spring Break." "What else is there to do here besides going to the bars and the beach? And they are all closing, it's the devil. I think they are exaggerating too much," he said.

Atlantis Walker, another one of the interviewees and from Indiana, not only said that "this virus is not serious", but also added that "there are more serious things out there like hunger and poverty and that they have to be addressed."

The video has been viewed more than 23 million times and has sparked outrage online.

A Twitter user posted these photos of the Miami Spring Break taking place amid the global crisis. The images were released mid-week and apparently taken in Clearwater, west of Tampa, on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico:

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What happened even happened before the state order issued on Tuesday by the state governor, Ron DeSantis, ordering the closure of bars and nightclubs for 30 days to prevent the virus from spreading.

Before the outrage of many, this Thursday Carlos Giménez, mayor of Miami-Dade announced in a tweet that all the parks and beaches in the county will close at 9:00 am Casinos, beauty salons, spas and other non-essential businesses as well they should remain closed.

For his part, DeSantis - who previously refused to close the beaches - appeared on the Fox & Friends (FOX) show to express that he hopes the closure will stop visitors from meeting in large groups to follow the CDC's instructions on the distancing. Social.

Until the closing of this note, the country registered 15,219 confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the official website of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). 393 of these cases have occurred in Florida.

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