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Paola Rojas Talks About The Intimate Video Sequels Of Zague

Paola Rojas Talks About The Intimate Video Sequels Of Zague
Paola Rojas Talks About The Intimate Video Sequels Of Zague

Video: Paola Rojas Talks About The Intimate Video Sequels Of Zague

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Mexican journalist Paola Rojas opened her heart and spoke about what she lived after a video of her now ex-husband and father of her children, Luis Roberto Alves, better known as Zague, was leaked on networks in 2018.

In an interview with the presenter Yordi Rosado, for the program "The last one and we are leaving", the host revealed the aftermath that video left in her life in which the footballer appeared naked.

“I have spoken very little about it because it is very hard, it still hurts. I made the decision at the outset to never speak publicly about anyone who is important to my children, all this has been brutally public,”said Rojas. "There are episodes that it is not a good idea to mention publicly, at least for now, because everything I say, they can see it and I want to be able to explain it to them as they get older. Today he is 8 years old, there will be things that they will be able to understand”.

The driver clarified that she never thought about killing herself for the cyber bullying that she claims she suffered after that leak and added that at that time she suffered the persecution of the reporters who were looking for her day and night.

“I couldn't even stop to take care of myself because there were so many things to solve and many people to protect and contain, so I stayed behind the list and I didn't realize, seriously, I didn't measure all the damage that everyone was doing to me. those obscene and so strong messages”, he explained of the bullying in networks.

Paola Rojas and Zague
Paola Rojas and Zague

She also revealed that she did have health problems that took her to the hospital, where she underwent two surgeries and visited an oncologist for a situation that occurred with her uterus. "I am touched by what my body did, everything that happened," she said. "I'm fine and I have to keep an eye on it. The truth is that it does move me because it is a way of manifesting itself, but it had a solution; I detected it in time and solved it in time”.

During the interview, Rojas confessed that the most damaging thing in the whole situation was that the circulation of the video led to unknown persons meddling in his privacy.

"When we have a profession like this, we know that we somehow renounce privacy, but it is one thing to cross the limit of privacy and quite another is to cross the limit of privacy," he explained. “With what happened, many felt that it was worth reaching my privacy. It was as if the door to my bedroom had been opened and many went in, wrote me some things, so much obscenity.”

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