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Wedding In Sight For Mayeli Alonso?

Wedding In Sight For Mayeli Alonso?
Wedding In Sight For Mayeli Alonso?

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Mayeli Alonso, Lupillo Rivera's ex-wife, set off the alarms with a striking ring that she wore very prominently in a photo shared on social networks.

Alonso had taken her love life away from the cameras since she was linked to the interpreter Jesús Mendoza more than a year ago, but the Christmas holidays seem to have made her change her mind.

According to the saying that says that an image is worth a thousand words, Mayeli clarified the rumors of her relationship with the singer with a photograph on her Instagram account.

"Of the best Christmas of my life", he wrote next to the image, in which she is seen sleeping next to the singer.

But what most caught the attention of his fans was the gigantic ring of diamonds that he boasts in his left hand.

Wedding in sight? It is the question that his followers have asked themselves, that they have overflowed in sending their messages of support and congratulations.

The answer to the question seems to have to wait, since Mayeli has avoided clarifying whether Mendoza did indeed propose to her. At the moment, the interpreter is limited to ensuring that Mayeli gives you the peace of mind you need.

This was expressed by publishing the same photograph on his Instagram account. "My kind of peace," he wrote.

Long live love!

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