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Miss Mexico Makes A Strong Confession

Miss Mexico Makes A Strong Confession
Miss Mexico Makes A Strong Confession

Video: Miss Mexico Makes A Strong Confession

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Sometimes it is believed that beauty is the only important thing in life; however, that is not enough to make a person happy. The representative of Mexico in Miss Universe is a clear example. Sofía Aragón is not only a beautiful woman, she also completed her university studies in Image and Marketing, and is a successful businesswoman with her own line of cosmetics. Despite having an apparent perfect life, the young woman has confessed that she suffered a severe episode of depression and struggles with it daily.

"In my case, I did need professional help, therapy and a lot of family closeness, although I never thought about suicide," Aragon told the Mexican newspaper Reforma. "I think it is important to recognize the disease in time, since everything can be overcome."


The beauty queen of the Aztec country wants to prevent other people from going through this type of experience, particularly the young. For this reason she wants to become an example that takes them away from bad habits.

"The most important thing for me is mental health care," he said. "I am very interested in preventing drugs from reaching young people, since depression is sometimes caused by narcotic use or vice versa."


Sofía Aragón assures that the important thing is to be happy and now she works to be happy.

"The greatest responsibility of a human being is to be happy and make the world he came to a better place," he added. "I am striving to do both."

The Miss Universe 2019 pageant will take place on December 8 in Georgia, United States.

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