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Little Girl Is Shot On Halloween Night

Little Girl Is Shot On Halloween Night
Little Girl Is Shot On Halloween Night

Video: Little Girl Is Shot On Halloween Night

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Video: 7-year-old girl shot in Little Village while she trick-or-treating 2023, January

The Halloween party turned into a night of terror for a Chicago family after a 7-year-old girl was shot when she was ordering sweets from house to house.

The little bumblebee dressed was hit by a bullet at the neck and until Friday morning was in critical condition.

"Obviously the girl was not the target. We thought two gangs were having an argument and one of them shot the others,”Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson explained to the media. "She was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Johnson, who called the incident "condemnable," said the man to whom the bullet was directed apparently had received an impact in the hand.

"Those involved do not deserve to be in our city," said the superintendent during the press conference. "I am disgusted, but committed to doing my best to find the cowards who would get involved in a gun fight during the early hours of the night while the children are ordering candy."

Girl shot on Halloween
Girl shot on Halloween

According to a witness who was working near the incident, after hearing gunshots, the girl's father was screaming desperately that his daughter had been injured.

"We were all in shock," Lali Lara, who welcomed the girl and her family into the phone store where she works, told local media. “She was calling her name so that she would not close her eyes, she was looking at me and she was calling her name. She held my hand for three minutes and then released me. I have children, I would go crazy if something like this happened to my children.”

Police have reportedly been able to detain a young man who was being questioned to establish his alleged involvement in the shooting. Meanwhile, work continues to identify other individuals who may be involved.

"Detectives have been working through the night, following leads and getting every piece of video available [on the street from the incident]," Johnson said. "There is no place to hide for criminals, when all eyes are searching for them."

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