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Kim Kardashian Cuts Her Hair In The Parking Lot

Kim Kardashian Cuts Her Hair In The Parking Lot
Kim Kardashian Cuts Her Hair In The Parking Lot

Video: Kim Kardashian Cuts Her Hair In The Parking Lot

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Video: Kim Kardashian Gets An Emergency Haircut In A Parking Lot! 2023, February

The famous ones continue to play with their mane and we are here trying to keep abreast of their follies. As we have already said, hair has become the best tool to stay current in the artistic environment. That is why there are many celebrities who in the last two years have done everything with their hair. Some have hit it, others not so much. The truth is that they have us all well entertained waiting with what they will surprise us with. We have seen how they have gone from brown hair to blondes just as Clarissa Molina did a few months ago, a change that did not last long because she already has her beloved dark tone back. Others have decided to cut it and make a modern bob, as was the case with Jennifer López and the Kardashian / Jenner because we expect whatever and whenever. However,we have to admit that what Kim Kardashian just did did surprise us.

The socialite, who has us accustomed to seeing her with different shades of hair, like all types of length, did something that even she could not believe herself. It turns out that without thinking twice she allowed Chris Appleton, her head groomer, to cut her hair in a parking lot. Omg! And of course she documented the moment for the networks.

"Ok, what do you do when you need a haircut in the middle of the road? You call Chris and he borrows scissors at the gym. Now we are in the parking lot of a building complex in Hollywood,”explains Kardashian in the video that the stylist uploaded to her Instagram account. “We made it very short earlier today. I made a life out of squares today [for Chris]. There it is, layers! No one will find out. We leave no traces."

The socialite has short hair, so we assume that what the stylist cut with non-hair scissors were extensions. Who can think of that? Well, a Kardashian. How good it is to have money and to be able to call the stylist whenever. Ah the good life!

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