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Future President Argentina Supports Transformista Son

Future President Argentina Supports Transformista Son
Future President Argentina Supports Transformista Son

Video: Future President Argentina Supports Transformista Son

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After the politician Alberto Fernández was crowned the winner of the presidential elections in Argentina last Sunday, details of his family life come to light.

According to reports, the son of the future president, the young Estanislao Fernández, 24, is a well-known drag queen who calls himself Dyhzy. According to the press, Estanislao is also responsible for popularizing transformism in his country and has shared his looks on his social networks - even increasing his publications after his father's rise in his political career.

The next president of Argentina, for his part, has flattered his talent.

"He is one of the most creative types I have ever seen," the president assured Radio with a voice. “When he entered the world of comics and Japanese anime, he began to dress up. It was flashy. He did very well, so well that they started inviting him to festivals around the world.”

Estanislao Fernández
Estanislao Fernández

Estanislao's taste for this art was controversial during the political campaign of his father, who always supported him.

“He is a low profile boy. He works in an insurance company and has lived with his girlfriend for two years,”the president assured in the interview.

According to the Argentine press, the young man began to transform at the age of 20, in 2015, after watching the reality of the world-renowned American transformationist RuPaul. Since then, he attends parties and events disguised as a character.

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