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Natti Natasha Sexy Photo In Lingerie

Natti Natasha Sexy Photo In Lingerie
Natti Natasha Sexy Photo In Lingerie

Video: Natti Natasha Sexy Photo In Lingerie

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Video: Las 85 Fotos Más Hots De Natti Natasha (Parte 1)🔥🔥 2023, January

A revolution originated when Natti Natasha released an image showing off her statuesque and shapely figure in sexy lingerie. In this snapshot you can see the singer dressed in a white bodysuit; In addition, it carries a tangled towel on the head, in blue. Wear a matching silver necklace and earrings with rhinestones. Behind her is a wall of white mosaics.

It is in what appears to be a bathroom; therefore, behind it, there is a wall of white mosaics.

"I am worth much more than you imagined", is the text that Natti Natasha uses to accompany the photograph. "The best version of me."


Netizens could not resist the sensual image and immediately launched a series of compliments to the interpreter of "Leave your kisses"; some also took the opportunity to congratulate her on her musical work.

"The words in the dictionary would not be enough to describe your beauty," said one fan.

"One of the most beautiful women in the world," added another.

“Precious, beautiful, divine; a goddess”, mentioned a follower

"You are very beautiful, my love. I would like to steal a kiss from your mouth," commented one user.

"Bella Natti I love you, you are a full-fledged girl, keep going, you have a great future and things to do in this life, I love your songs, and the truth is that you are worth baby," said someone else.

“Unmatched has no replica she is the only one worth admiring. God bless you and keep your life full of love and success, "warned a netizen.

The messages continue and it already has more than a million 128 thousand likes. It seems that Natti Natasha is not only surprising on a professional level.

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