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Jonathan Islas Apologizes To Fabiola Campomanes

Jonathan Islas Apologizes To Fabiola Campomanes
Jonathan Islas Apologizes To Fabiola Campomanes

Video: Jonathan Islas Apologizes To Fabiola Campomanes

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Video: Llorando, Jonathan Islas acusa a Fabiola Campomanes de golpearlo drogada... y ella da su versión 2023, January

Jonathan Islas has stepped back and shared a video deeply sorry for his behavior with Fabiola Campomanes. The actor apologized to his ex-partner for accusing her of ill-treatment and taking the dirty rags out of the house in a devastating recording where he left her on the floor.

The also businesswoman, little given to airing her private life, decided to react to this devastating video. Fabiola defended herself against the strong accusations and was thrilled to not understand anything that had happened. Her daughter Sofía, who witnessed what happened, also gave her version of the events in another recording on Instagram.

Now it is Jonathan who is the most thoughtful and cold-tempered. He has decided to close this ugly chapter and apologize to the man who he claims has been one of the most special women in his life.

"This video that I am making is to apologize to Fabiola Campomanes and Sofía Campomanes, I really feel very bad about what happened, I know I did not have to have acted that way. I know that I was irresponsible for having uploaded that video to the networks and for having expressed myself badly about Fabiola Campomanes, who was my partner”, begins this recording that lasts three minutes.

Devastated and with deep sadness, the actor can only apologize for everything that happened. A reaction that has been very well received by his followers who appreciate his attitude but who continue to wonder why he had that wound in his mouth.

Jonathan has preferred to turn the page, take the path of privacy and not add fuel to the fire. What happened is between them and thus ends this ugly episode.

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