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William Levy Answers His Enemies

William Levy Answers His Enemies
William Levy Answers His Enemies

Video: William Levy Answers His Enemies

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Video: William Levy Reads Thirst Tweets 2023, January

Many things have been said about him and not exactly true. That is why William Levy has stepped up to clarify them and, above all, send a message to all those, a minority in his opinion, who continue to invent things.

This year it has been published that he was bankrupt, that his bank account was in the red, and that his family was going through a terrible financial moment. Well nothing to see. The actor lives one of the best moments of his life, both personally and professionally, nothing to do with what has been said about him.

“They don't respect what we are trying to do for our talent in this country. One or two are trying to throw shit at you while you're creating something cute. I am working and creating content for my people,”she said bluntly on camera during her attendance at the La Musa Awards.

"I can not focus on that brother, I want to continue creating beautiful things for our people, that is what is important," he concluded with that beautiful smile that has his faithful audience in love.

Among the things he wants to offer his followers is good cinema, new and different stories in which he is fully involved with his production company, which bears his name. His first adventure is almost ready for the general public. This is In the arms of a murderer, the film that will land in theaters on September 6 and stars.

A new professional bet that promises to bring great titles and above all the art and dedication of William, an actor who has grown and matured and who, despite what is said, wants to return to his audience all the love they have given him All these years. Many thanks!

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