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Irina Baeva Thanks Geraldine Bazán

Irina Baeva Thanks Geraldine Bazán
Irina Baeva Thanks Geraldine Bazán

Video: Irina Baeva Thanks Geraldine Bazán

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Video: Irina Baeva habla de su competencia con Geraldine Bazan en redes sociales 2023, January

Irina Baeva, who records the soap opera Soltero with daughters in Mexico with her boyfriend Gabriel Soto, was very respectful when she gave her opinion on Wednesday during the presentation to the press of the aforementioned romantic comedy on Televisa about the statements that Geraldine Bazán made in relation to her day. to the conference that the beautiful Russian woman gave weeks ago about the hell she lived after confirming her romance with Soto and how she managed to overcome the bullying she suffered.

"I thank you for the time you have taken to see my conference and I highly respect your opinion, just as I respect the opinion of all the people who have given their opinion, either negatively or positively," the Gordo y la Flaca (Univision) program told 27-year-old performer, who has just over two million followers on Instagram alone.

Just as respectful as Irina was Gabriel, who also did not hesitate to give his opinion on the controversy generated by the conference that his girlfriend gave at the time.

"I think what Irina did was very successful," the 44-year-old gallant came to his defense.

"You have to live and let live and be happy, just seek happiness," added the one who was the protagonist of successful melodramas such as I do not believe in men, Fall in temptation and Love came.

It was at the end of September when Geraldine reacted very sincerely to Irina's conference, claiming, among other things, that she was "very poorly advised."

“I think it's a survival instinct, drowning kicks so to speak. I think the more he kicks the more he sinks. I believe that as adults there comes a time in life when we have to take responsibility for our actions and their consequences, so to begin with I think she is very poorly advised,”said Bazán.

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