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Joy Huerta Sings To Her Baby

Joy Huerta Sings To Her Baby
Joy Huerta Sings To Her Baby

Video: Joy Huerta Sings To Her Baby

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Her success in her group Jesse and Joy have her traveling from one place to another in massive concerts. But at her side is always her, her daughter Noah, from whom she does not plan to miss a second, especially in these first months of life.

In one of her stops, Joy Huerta has shared an endearing video with her baby where she sings and cooes happily and proudly. The images come directly to the heart due to the high level of love and tenderness, since the little girl looks in glory and asleep thanks to the sweet voice of her mother.

"The baby wanted to sleep and easier when (this) mom sings to her," writes the artist. In less than a day, the video has exceeded a million views and it is no wonder.

Without a doubt, a gift for his fans, who he always keeps informed of the state of the little one, not so little anymore! As we see in the recording, Noah has given a stretch and is huge, as well as beautiful. The baby was born last May to the joy of her two mothers, the singer and his wife Diana Atri.

A new motivation and inspiration for Joy that shows in each of her appearances on stage. She has always been dedicated to her work, which she loves, but now the forces are much greater. Thank you for sharing such an endearing image.

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