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Actor Miguel Cervantes Dies Daughter
Actor Miguel Cervantes Dies Daughter

Video: Actor Miguel Cervantes Dies Daughter

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Video: 'Hamilton' Star Miguel Cervantes’ 3-Year-Old Daughter Has Died: 'The Silence Is Deafening' 2023, February

Just a few days after she was four years old, the daughter of actor Miguel Cervantes, star of the play Hamilton, has passed away.

It was his own parents, Cervantes, 42, and his wife Kelly, who confirmed to People the tragic death of their daughter Adelaide, who died this Saturday in a hospice.

"It is with a broken heart that the Cervantes family wants to announce that their baby Adelaide Grace died in the early hours of Saturday morning," it was said in a statement. “She is held in the loving arms of her family as she finally reaches the 'calm' that they have been seeking for so long. They want to express with all their hearts their gratitude to all those who have sent words of encouragement and prayers and will continue to feel that love as they go through that hard time.”

Her father, who is currently involved in the staging of Hamilton in Chicago, will take a leave during this time of mourning and is expected to return to the stage soon. "She left peacefully in my arms," ​​said Cervantes in a post he published this Sunday on Instagram. "She is finally free from all pain, reactions and seizures, but leaves us heartbroken."

Little Adelaide spent most of her short existence suffering seizures that no one can fully explain to date. Her heartbreaking story was documented by her mom on a blog and through her work with the epilepsy organization Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy.

Photos published a month ago by Miguel Cervantes with his sons Adelaide and Jackson:

Her older brother was inseparable from the younger:

"The machines were turned off. Your bed is empty. The silence is deafening. Adelaide left us this Saturday”, her parents expressed in networks in this moving post:

Little Adelaide suffered her first seizures when she was 7 months old. The doctors then determined that the minor had epilepsy. At 9 months, she was diagnosed with Insane Spasms (IS).

"Oh she was a tremendous fighter," her aching father exclaimed a day before his death to People. "She is a warrior. I have never met someone stronger in my life. She expressed her opinions in her own way. She came into this world with a mission and a story. I am very proud that no one will ever forget her story.”

Rest in peace.

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