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Edith González Widower Statements Daughter Constance

Edith González Widower Statements Daughter Constance
Edith González Widower Statements Daughter Constance

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His public reappearance after the death of Edith González four months ago has been a great surprise for everyone. Much more recovered and with a great smile, Lorenzo Lazo was seen at an event in Mexico City, attended by his daughter Lorenza. They both walked the red carpet and it was all laughter and joy.

However, there is a theme that erases your smile immediately. It has to do with Constanza, the actress's daughter, for whom the economist has asked for absolute respect in these and every moment. He already did it through his networks just a few days ago with some publications that defend the privacy of minors.

"There are media that respect the privacy of a criminal more than a minor," he wrote, adding article 16 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. "… every child has the right not to be subject to interference in her private life."

When asked about it in his first appearance in front of the cameras, he reiterated what was said on his networks. "Look, I'm going to repeat it very carefully. In our country, a criminal is respected for the privacy of his name, his identity, and his face is isolated from exposure to the public media because his right to his identity is respected.”, Explained to the media as stated in the Who magazine.

Edith González, Constanza, Lorenzo Lazo
Edith González, Constanza, Lorenzo Lazo

That is why he wanted to make a very important appeal involving the 15-year-old girl and her intimacy. When questioned about her and her current situation, this is what he answered. "In the same way I recommend and perhaps also demand that minors have their privacy respected," she said bluntly. "Therefore I do not plan to speak of any minor in public."

Without citing the name of his late wife's daughter, he wanted to call for the law to be followed for all. He is not willing to talk about it and with the education that characterizes him he has asked that the rest do the same. A sign of love and deep affection for the young woman he saw grow up.

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