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Alex Rodríguez Modeled On Show In New York

Alex Rodríguez Modeled On Show In New York
Alex Rodríguez Modeled On Show In New York

Video: Alex Rodríguez Modeled On Show In New York

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As we already know, there is nothing that Jennifer López cannot do and if we were not completely sure of that, a few weeks ago the artist demonstrated that, if the acting and the voice fail her, she can perfectly dedicate herself to modeling. If you don't believe me, here is the video of the singer closing the Versace show during Milan Fashion Week. But not what we did not know is that, within the family, López was not the only one who could dedicate herself to modeling. And it turns out that her partner Alex Rodríguez also performs very well on the catwalk.

Like his fiancée, the former baseball player was chosen to close a fashion show. Sure, it wasn't for a brand as prestigious as the one the singer walked in, but the businessman also had to close the show, in her case for Dick's Sporting Goods in New York.

Rodríguez modeled wearing a Nike bomber jacket, black jeans, a plaid shirt from The North Face and Timberland boots.

"As clothing and footwear continue to interact with the world of sports, it is clear that more than ever athletes are setting the bar," Rodriguez said in a statement.

And as usual, Rodríguez shared his experience on the catwalk on his Instagram account. The truth is that Alex does not do anything wrong.

"I had a lot of fun walking to the Dick's Sporting Goods show and my first fashion show," Rodríguez wrote, along with the video he shared on his networks. “All the fall and winter looks are amazing. My girls are proud that there is no shame.”

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