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Shocking Adamari López In Her Halloween Costume

Shocking Adamari López In Her Halloween Costume
Shocking Adamari López In Her Halloween Costume

Video: Shocking Adamari López In Her Halloween Costume

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He did it again! Adamari López revolutionized social networks with images where it has not gone unnoticed. This time it's not about any look on her A New Day show, but something more chilling: her possible new Halloween costume!

Although as much as she tried to scare us, the only thing the Puerto Rican did was fall in love even more with her beauty. Together with his beloved Toni Costa and his little Alaïa, they showed us their personal version of the unforgettable Adams Family and the truth is that they did it very well.

In Morticia's skin, the morning presenter wore a spectacular long straight black lady as the character and makeup that made her look terrifyingly beautiful. But everything has a reason.

“Today the whole family accompanied us to the cinema and we had an incredible time. Thank you for the opportunity”, she wrote amusing along with some photos and video that are not wasted. The entire family went to movie theaters to see the new animated film of The Adams Family. They got into the skin of their characters so much that they ended up, and how wonderful!

The one who literally had a scary time was the daughter of the couple who posed in front of the movie poster as an expert in being a vampire. His daddy, the Spanish dancer, also boasted his skills as an 'actor' in the skin of the unforgettable character of Raúl Julia. Divine all three!

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