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Beyoncé And Keke Palmer In The Same Dress

Beyoncé And Keke Palmer In The Same Dress
Beyoncé And Keke Palmer In The Same Dress

Video: Beyoncé And Keke Palmer In The Same Dress

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Video: Beyonce Uses Keke's 'Sorry To This Man' 2023, February

It is difficult to compete with Beyoncé in any category, but in fashion even more. In addition to having a wardrobe to die for envy and direct access to the most exclusive brands and designers, the singer has enough taste and security on the red carpet that few can boast. In her last public appearance, the gala organized by the producer, actor and director Tyler Perry in Atlanta, the singer literally dazzled with a spectacular look that we had already seen before.

And is that this design by Yousef Aljasmi has caused a real sensation in the celeb community because up to four celebrities have worn it in various versions in the last two months. Look at all the details!

The first was Keke Palmer who chose him last August on the red carpet of the last edition of the MTV Movie Awards. The actress and singer combined it with a high bow and a clutch in the shape of a phone that came from pearls to pose before the photographers that day that also celebrated his birthday.

Another who has fallen surrendered to the charms of the Kuwaiti designer is the singer Nichole Schrezinger, who wore it in a sleeveless and side-opening version.

Finally, nothing more and nothing less than Paris Hilton also chose this Aljasmi look with which more curves were marked than ever.

What a successful dress! Even if things are tight, who do you think fits better?

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