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Hurricane Dorian Changes Course And Continues Strong

Hurricane Dorian Changes Course And Continues Strong
Hurricane Dorian Changes Course And Continues Strong

Video: Hurricane Dorian Changes Course And Continues Strong

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Video: Trump appears to show altered Hurricane Dorian map 2023, January

Dorian continues to surprise and change routes. After the strong threat of this hurricane off the coast of Florida, it seems that it has strayed from its path, but the state will suffer from the strong winds and rain that it will leave behind.

Still, and as CNN en Español points out, the state of Florida continues to take all precautions in case there is a change of course at the last moment.

The direction the hurricane is currently taking points to the northwest Atlantic, more specifically the Bahamas where it is expected to make landfall this Sunday.

The most recent meteorological report ensures that it has already reached category four, thus becoming a strong threat. Such is the state of gravity that President Donald Trump has canceled his planned trip to Poland to be aware of the country's complicated situation.

In a message on networks, the president has assured that it is one of the most dangerous hurricanes that hit the country's coasts in recent years. “It is one of the largest and strongest we have seen in decades. Take care!”, He wrote on Twitter.

The president has been watching social networks where he has shared various messages in order to make necessary and basic information available to citizens in these cases. Publications from the Red Cross or the National Hurricane Center have been some of his most relevant tweets.

Meanwhile, citizens living in possibly affected areas follow established guidelines and prepare for the arrival of this natural phenomenon.

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