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Romeo Santos Shares Tender Video With His Son

Romeo Santos Shares Tender Video With His Son
Romeo Santos Shares Tender Video With His Son

Video: Romeo Santos Shares Tender Video With His Son

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Video: Romeo Santos Presenta a Su Hijo 'Alex Damián'.avi 2023, February

Although he is always very discreet with his private life, Romeo Santos continues to give his fans little clues of what his baby looks like.

This weekend, the Dominican took to his social networks a video that shows him dancing with Valentino. This is the first time that the bachatero is seen with his baby, although we still cannot get to know the face.

The tender video shows the King of bachata holding and hugging his little one, dancing to the rhythm of the song “Immortal”, a song that marked the reunion with his brothers from the Aventura group. The boy, although the little body is visible, has covered his face with a smiley.

Another detail that has caused a sensation among Santos fans and followers is that they are both dressed the same wearing printed shorts and pink shirts.

The fit of the video announces a preview of what will be seen next September 21 at his concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Valentino is the second son of Romeo and although the identity of his mother is unknown, we know that he came into the life of the interpreter to fill him with happiness along with his first-born, Alex Damián Santos.

The beautiful news of the arrival of a new son in the life of Romeo took more than one of his followers by surprise, it is not for less, because the singer born in New York maintained absolute reserve on the subject.

Of course, after the revelation of the tender video, the singer has received an avalanche of beautiful congratulatory messages from his fans, who have also expressed their best wishes in this new stage as a father to the former member of the group Aventura.

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