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Was Yolanda Andrade The Girlfriend Of Lorena Meritano?

Was Yolanda Andrade The Girlfriend Of Lorena Meritano?
Was Yolanda Andrade The Girlfriend Of Lorena Meritano?

Video: Was Yolanda Andrade The Girlfriend Of Lorena Meritano?

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Video: ¿Cuál era la relación de Lorena Meritano y Yolanda Andrade? | Montse & Joe | Unicable 2023, January

It all started as a joke but the matter is very real. On a fun visit by Lorena Meritano to the Montse and Joe show, the guest actress and her presenters, Montserrat Olivier and Yolanda Andrade shared laughter and talked about everything, including loves.

Although at first it all seemed like a simple chat between friends who knew each other a lot, it ended with a romantic confession. "We were girlfriends," Yolanda said of her past idyll with the beautiful Lorena.

A statement that left the set speechless since it had never been released before. But the truth is that a strong chemistry emerged from their friendly talk that showed that there had been more than just friendship between them.

When asked again by the media on the street, Yolanda has had no problem describing how her relationship with the actress was, whom she says she was very in love with and with whom she was very happy.

“She is a very beautiful, intelligent woman and survivor of a disease that is unfortunately now very common, cancer. We have a friendship from many years ago, we love each other and we will always love each other,”he told the microphones in the street.

When asked about her romance and why they decided to tell it on her show, Yolanda assured that it was not planned and that she simply said it naturally. "It came out. The program is pure improvisation, and at that time it was, ah, it was that we were girlfriends!”, Smilingly recalls the spontaneous moment on camera.

An intimate statement that he had no problem making happy again. “Yes, we were girlfriends and I love her very much. It was very beautiful”, he said with words full of love and respect towards the beautiful actress, to whom we send full force in her fight against the disease she suffers from.

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