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Gilroy Kayla Salazar

Gilroy Kayla Salazar
Gilroy Kayla Salazar

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Video: Gilroy Festival Shooting Victim Keyla Salazar Remembered 2023, January

Girl Kayla Salazar, just 13 years old, has been confirmed by authorities as the third fatal victim of the shooting that occurred at a popular festival held annually in Gilroy, California.

The minor's name is in addition to those of Stephen Romero, 6 -and like Kayla, originally from San José- as well as Trevor Irby, 25, who came from Romulus, a town in New York and who recently he had graduated from university. The festival is held annually about 30 miles from San José and attracts about 100,000 people.

The shooting was carried out by Santino William Legan, a 19-year-old teenager who reportedly cut the festival's trellis so he could enter the facility without metal detectors picking up that he was carrying an AK-47 assault rifle, police sources confirmed to CNN..

The weapon was legally acquired by the gunman on July 9 in the state of Nevada, according to Scot Smithee, Gilroy police chief on Monday at a press conference. Legan entered the festival and began shooting without rhyme or reason, police said.

The teenager was shot dead. His networks have been combed by the authorities who confirmed that before his assault the boy hung two white supremacist messages and even posted images apparently taken within the festival. Your Instagram account has been deactivated.

Keyla salazar
Keyla salazar

"I think it is very, very good fortune that we were able to tackle it as quickly as we did," Smithee said in statements released by KTLA-5 in Los Angeles. Regarding the reports of witnesses who assured that there was another accomplice in the shooting, the police chief explained that said version is being investigated. "We do not know at this time," he said.

For his part, Bob Mann, a California-based man, organized a fundraiser through GoFundMe for Kayla Salazar's funeral asking for support for the family on behalf of colleagues at South County Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

“We would appreciate your support in supporting another girl whose life was taken at the age of 13 by a senseless act of violence at our annual Gilroy Garlic Festival event: Kayla Salazar. Many of our employees and team are part of the Gilroy community and we support this event annually. We are in direct contact with Kayla's family as well. Please share this, so others can help this heart-wrenching loss. " Effectively.

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