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Dasa Boasts Daughter's Birthday

Dasa Boasts Daughter's Birthday
Dasa Boasts Daughter's Birthday

Video: Dasa Boasts Daughter's Birthday

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Dasa is enjoying his time as a first-time dad to the fullest, so he spends as much time as possible with his little Daryana Marie, who has stolen his heart. The Mexican singer seems to be counting the days with his little girl and could not miss his second month of life.

On Tuesday morning, the performer and dancer wasted love on their social networks by announcing that their baby was two months old.

“I send you a lot of love, a lot, a lot of love. Today my girl is two months old, more love still”, said the singer when sharing a video showing only the little girl's feet.

So far, El Dasa has kept her baby's face a secret, for a very personal reason. According to what the singer has expressed, his family who lives in Mexico, does not yet know her and would not like to be known through the media or social networks.

"Let me first meet my family in Mexico, for me it is very important," he wrote a few weeks ago on his social networks. "Everything is fine. She is beautiful".

The girl was born last mothers day and the announcement was made by the singer's proud mother on her social networks, which he confirmed days later.

The singer had stayed away from his followers before the birth of his first-born, with the promise of returning soon to continue sharing details of his life.

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