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Jenni Rivera Will Have An Unpublished Song On Her Birthday

Jenni Rivera Will Have An Unpublished Song On Her Birthday
Jenni Rivera Will Have An Unpublished Song On Her Birthday

Video: Jenni Rivera Will Have An Unpublished Song On Her Birthday

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Video: Lanzan tema inédito de Jenni Rivera en su cumpleaños | Al Rojo Vivo | Telemundo 2023, January

The Rivera family is counting down the days to celebrate what would have been singer Jenni Rivera's 50th birthday, and for this they have prepared something special.

On Thursday night, the singer's brothers and parents gathered a handful of fans, friends, and family members of the Diva de la Banda to publicize the new song that will be released on July 2 in commemoration of their birthday.

Between tears and sobs, Rosie, Juan, Pedro Jr. and Lupillo, the singer's brothers, listened to the unpublished song that had remained in the musical files of the so-called "Great Lady".


According to what was declared, the theme was found by chance, along with 11 other songs, which were within the instrument sessions of the hard drives that the singer kept. The songs will be part of a new production to continue Jenni's legacy under the Sony Latin label.

Although the song's title was not revealed during the press conference, Juan announced that they will also release an emotional video.

“The video [was] incredible, I saw it eight times today, eight times I cried. Lupe saw a minute and she screamed and she couldn't take it anymore. It is a theme in which my sister's raw feeling is heard, the interpretation is heard in the thick of the skin as perhaps I have never heard it”, Juan commented. “I dare say that it will be one of the greatest successes in Jenni Rivera's career. I don't know why this topic was not brought up by my sister at that time, I think it was the right time for what the song says.”


Without giving more details, the Riveras announced that other surprises will come, fulfilling their mission to enhance the legacy of the famous singer. This week Rosie announced that they are already preparing the script for the movie about her sister's life.

Surprisingly, the five children of the interpreter Chiquis, Mickey, Jacqie, Jenicka and Johnny, were absent from the presentation, apparently in a previously scheduled commitment for the recording of the fourth season of their reality show The Riveras, to which the Chiquis's fiancé, singer Lorenzo Méndez.

Will there be a quarrel between the family?

We'll see. The truth is that at press time, the beloved shoots of Jenni had not yet expressed themselves about this project led by their uncles and grandfather Don Pedro Rivera.

For his part, Chiquis announced that on June 28 - just a few days from the expected release of his mother's song - he will release new music.

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