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Battered Woman Demanded Millions For Her Silence

Battered Woman Demanded Millions For Her Silence
Battered Woman Demanded Millions For Her Silence

Video: Battered Woman Demanded Millions For Her Silence

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Video: I broke my silence: My story of domestic violence | Emma Murphy | TEDxUniversityofNicosia 2023, January

The exclusive vacation resort in Punta Cana, where an American woman almost lost her life, reveals details of the incident and assures that the attacked woman demanded a high monetary figure before revealing her story.

The Majestic Elegance Resort in the Dominican Republic where Tammy Lawrence-Daley, 51, claims to have lived the worst nightmare of her life, after being apparently attacked by an employee, revealed that the woman asked for $ 2.2 million as part of a "compensation agreement".

Following the accusations published by the victim on her Facebook account last week, the hotel turned to Twitter to address what happened and said that she is "a professional in the insurance industry", and that she refused to report the incident to the Police, "despite recommendations from local authorities." Tweets by MajesticResorts

The statements by the hotel are given after questioning by the authorities of that country about the account of the facts of the affected person, who despite vacationing with her husband, assures that she decided to go out to look for a snack alone around 10: 30 at night, at which point she was abandoned on the brink of death.

Apparently, the details Lawrence-Daley has offered about what happened are not consistent with the investigation and authorities have found discrepancies in the investigation.

"The authorities investigating the case understand that the scene is still unclear, and that there are weak points, contradictions in the information received and that there are still unanswered questions in this strange and unusual case," the hotel said in a statement.

Tammy Lawrence-Daley
Tammy Lawrence-Daley

For his part, the police spokesman investigating the case, Frank Durán, says that the authorities quickly became involved in the investigation and continue to investigate the case, despite the fact that Lawrence-Daley and her husband refute that version.

“There is a lot of conjecture about this case, a lot of information that does not match some of the statements. We have to wait for the investigation to conclude, "said Durán.

As of yet, no one is responsible, as Lawrence-Daley was unable to identify his attacker.

For her part, her husband Chris Daley, described as "crazy" the inconsistencies and discrepancies that the authorities that exist.

His wife has until July to hire a lawyer in the Dominican Republic to represent her in this case, if she so wishes.

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