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Carolina Miranda Tells Us Her Beauty Secrets
Carolina Miranda Tells Us Her Beauty Secrets

Video: Carolina Miranda Tells Us Her Beauty Secrets

Video: Carolina Miranda Tells Us Her Beauty Secrets
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The Mexican actress Carolina Miranda returns with the new season of Señora Acero and openly tells us her style secrets, from how she protects her skin in the desert where she spends hours and hours shooting, to her passion for buying lingerie. Read on to discover its fashion and beauty keys.

In Señora Acero you are the Coyote, how is the style of your character?

Vicenta is royal, she is northern, she has a very marked style. Her way of dressing is rougher, [she wears] boots to cross the desert, loose jeans, black t-shirts, jackets, leathers … In fact, when people see me dressed as Caro Miranda they don't place me much. "But are you the Coyote?"

So your off-screen style has nothing to do with that of the series?

Not! I am just the opposite. I love fashion, trends, glitters, colors. I spend all day working, I have to find some comfort to be able to fulfill my calls, but I love pink, glitter, glamor, I love long hair and makeup.

What is your ideal makeup look?

The more natural the better. Obviously I use makeup for red carpets and night events, but I think the most important thing, before buying a good makeup, is to take care of the skin. I take great care of myself and every day I keep an eye on what creams and scrubs to use, how to clean my skin well, [protect from] the sun and the earth, because my character is all the time in the desert.

Who are your favorite designers for the red carpet?

I always work with the designers of the pandora brand, who are Mexican, I love supporting the talent of my country. At this moment I really want it to be seen that everything I carry is made by Mexican hands. [With them] we talked, we reviewed the past rugs so as not to always repeat the same pattern and once we found the dress or design that I like, with glitters, large and like a princess, we looked for the hair style and makeup.

How did you come to make this decision to promote only Mexican brands at your public events?

I think that Mexicans are very good at everything we do, we have a variety of talents, but sometimes we get the mischief from saying: "Oh, but that European dress is much more beautiful." And really in our country, in our roots, we have such a wonderful culture that we can even insert that into a dress. Every time I stand on a carpet I feel very proud to say that they [Pandora] are my designers. Just like me, being Mexican, they support me in other countries, I want to pull my people and that they also grow in other countries.

What do you enjoy most when shopping?

I am honest and I tell you a secret: I love buying lingerie. Not so much to show it, but to enjoy it in my house. I am a fan of Victoria´s Secret because it is youthful and at the same time sexy, it is very comfortable and, in addition as everything is pink … you know.

What do you like to do in your time for yourself?

I am fascinated by spas and everything that has to do with oils, aromatherapy, meditation and a good massage. If I have a little free time, even if it's two hours, I call my masseur.

Who are icons of beauty and style for you?

I love everything Mexican and I am a great admirer of María Félix, a very elegant woman who maintained a lot of bearing throughout her life. I also admire Meryl Streep in acting, but also in presence, in elegance and in how she maintains her face at her age, that is my goal.

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