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How To Organize My Bras So They Don't Bend
How To Organize My Bras So They Don't Bend

Video: How To Organize My Bras So They Don't Bend

Video: How To Organize My Bras So They Don't Bend
Video: How To Store (And Organize) Bras 2023, March

If you have ever been frustrated when you see your bras tight in the drawer and losing shape you have surely thought that there must be a better way to organize the lingerie. The same was the opinion of the Latin businesswoman Frances Pardo, creator of Hanging Secrets, an organizer that allows you to order your bras and lingerie in an easy and effective way so that they do not lose their shape and are easy to reach. The ingenious design was part of the American Dreams x HSN contest, organized by Liliana Gil Valleta and Bob Circosta to search for Latino entrepreneurs, help them grow, and give them the visibility they need to move them forward. Hanging Secrets stood out in such a way that it led Pardo to be one of the five finalists of the project.

How was Hanging Secrets Organizer born?

One day I opened my dresser drawer and found a squashed and crushed mess - and that was the moment I said "uh-huh!". They were a problem and surely she was not the only woman who thought about it; nor was I the only woman who had lingerie. I knew there had to be a better solution to organize and protect bras.

Are there any size limitations for the organizer?

Hanging Secrets can accommodate sizes 32A through 40C and, depending on size, you can store up to 12 bras and 24 shorts. You can hang it in the closet or above the door. It is made of vinyl material to make it easy to clean.

Is it only for bras?

No, you can put your bikinis, swimsuits, bodies, Spanx, sports bras, shorts, stockings, accessories for bras and bust prostheses.

Your parents are immigrants, what does that mean to you in relation to the fact that you are now an entrepreneur?

My parents made many sacrifices in their lives to put my well-being as a priority. They gave me the opportunity to be born in the United States, a country that gives you the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. I have never underestimated the path my parents created for their children.

How was the American Dreams x HSN process?

I found out about the competition through a friend on Facebook. I submitted my application in November and in December I was notified that Hanging Secrets was one of 20 semi-finalists. In January I flew to Tampa, Florida to the [HSN] headquarters and all of the semifinalists presented our products to a panel of 12 judges. A few days later I received a call from Valleta to congratulate me that Hanging Secrets was one of the five finalists. It was a dream come true! In February we all went to a boot camp in New York to prepare for the live show. [The show] was on March 13. It was an incredible experience. Many feelings arose and there were so many thoughts in my head like, what would my parents think ?, How would they feel knowing that their daughter was making history on national television alongside other Latinos?Would they know that their sacrifices were worth it?

How has being a Latina shaped you?

At home I am educating my children in the same way that I grew up. Without realizing it, I find myself repeating family traditions, such as the type of food we eat and the music we listen to - Vicente Fernández, in particular. I take vacations and visited my family that lives in Mexico. As for work, my childhood experiences were a blessing because they created a fundamental foundation on which I could build. My motivation and ambition come from the desire to provide a positive impact for my family. These family ideals are a big part of the Latino culture that is seen both in my personal life and in my work.

Hanging Secrets is a company that helps others, what causes and organizations do you support and why is it important for you to have a charitable company?

We are committed to supporting organizations that help assist breast cancer survivors and donate a percentage of our sales to the Virginia Ann Scheunemann Memorial Fund, which helps low-income and / or uninsured women by giving them products. and free services.

What kind of woman should a Hanging Secrets organizer have?

A woman who likes to feel sexy, beautiful, and self-confident. A woman who understands and appreciates the benefits of being organized, especially regarding her lingerie. A woman who values her time and money, and wants to protect her bras from being crushed.

Buy yours at hangingsecrets.com

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