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Michelle Galván's Favorite Beauty Products
Michelle Galván's Favorite Beauty Products

Video: Michelle Galván's Favorite Beauty Products

Video: Michelle Galván's Favorite Beauty Products
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Although the talent of Mexican journalist Michelle Galván has led her to become one of the presenters of Primer Impacto (Univisión), her charisma and beauty are conquering the public. Know her career and her infallible secrets to look divine.

Michelle, tell us about your career before First impact …

I will be fifteen years old in the media. I've done television, radio [and] newspaper.

Why did you always stick to the news?

Since I was little, my dad came with the news and said to me: 'Read the headlines for me.' Since I was 4 years old I read the newspaper and to date [I do]. So it is a lifestyle for me to get up, read the newspaper and be informed.

How do you feel now that you have such an important position?

I feel blessed [and] honored because they have placed a great responsibility in my hands … [and] because I am representing the woman who dreams big and who fulfills her dreams.

How is this position different from the one you had before?

In Houston I wrote the news, made the reports and presented them. As a newscaster you have to put yourself in the shoes of others. I always say that someone who is a journalist must have a good heart. And I have a chicken heart. On the issue of immigrants, I have sought to help many families with counseling, lawyers. Some of them keep talking to me. Others have cried together because they have to go back. I am friends with them and I try to have that empathy with the public. First impact is a news magazine and for me it is a great challenge to take that step, to mix entertainment with news. I am really enjoying it.

We know that you are happily married. How did your husband take the move from Houston to Miami?

I am married to the man of my dreams because he is also romantic [and] has supported me absolutely in everything.

Let's get into fashion. As a newscaster, how important is it to you to look good?

“I have always liked fashion. One of my favorite designers [is] Carolina Herrera. I have always been very concerned about my image because I also believe that this is very important for the safety of women. How you look, you feel. I love shoes. I love those that are closed and classic.

Michelle Galvan
Michelle Galvan

How do you define your style?

I can tell you that I have a very classic look, but youthful at the same time. I have tried to keep the same style that I used in Houston. What I have changed is that here I wear more dresses. But I think that my makeup has changed a lot. In Houston I had to do it and do my hair [too].

So you're more or less an expert in makeup … Yes, I know something, but not on a professional level.

I watched YouTube videos to see how to do the outline. I always look for new things, tutorials and on social networks to see trends.

Michelle Galvan
Michelle Galvan

What can not be missing from your bag?

A sunscreen. Regardless of where you go, it is something you cannot miss.

You have radiant skin, how do you take care of it?

[Use] Vitamin C and homemade masks. One that my grandmother taught me that [carries] sugar, lemon and honey. It is to hydrate the face.

How do you maintain the figure?

I go to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I love yoga. It's my therapy [for] stress. [I also] take good care of food.

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