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Deborah Pagani Submits To Our Jewelry Questionnaire
Deborah Pagani Submits To Our Jewelry Questionnaire

Video: Deborah Pagani Submits To Our Jewelry Questionnaire

Video: Deborah Pagani Submits To Our Jewelry Questionnaire
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Deborah Pagani, jewelry
Deborah Pagani, jewelry

Cuban-born jewelry designer Deborah Pagani, who appears in our September issue, visited the offices of People en Español to tell us about Americana, her latest collection, and her jewelry preferences.

What was your inspiration for Americana?

The American socialites of the past. I used many sapphires and diamonds, inspired by Carolyn Bessette's wedding ring, one of the muses in the collection.

In jewelry, less is more, or more is more?

It depends on each woman and what she feels comfortable with, if she feels great wearing a lot of jewelry and it comes naturally, effortlessly, perfect. It also depends on your mood.

Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds or rubies?

I now focus more on diamonds and sapphires because they are the inspiration behind my Americana collection.

What jewel should every woman have?

An art deco style diamond necklace never goes out of style. And a pair of chandelier earrings.

How to differentiate a fake diamond from a real one?

Unfortunately they are so well made that it is almost impossible to detect the false ones for the human eye.

Why not buy the fake then?

Because no man should get away with buying a fake diamond.

Cuff or chain bracelet?

I would say that both, it depends on what you want. If you wear an elegant black dress, a cuff fits more, and during the day a pair of chain bracelets are great.

Statement ring or various finites?

I would say that a striking one, carrying several finites is a trend, and I try to stay out of trends.

Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor?

All my muses are always opposite so both of them!

Art deco or Baroque?

Always art deco, never goes out of style.

One night out, a woman shouldn't go out without …

Earrings that move. Men love it, it is very sexy and will attract attention to your face.

Can we take diamonds to the beach?

Of course! We only have one life.

How can we incorporate high jewelry in our daily outfit?

A good way is, for example, the earrings that I wear that you can wear the stud on one side during the day, and at night add the jackets (the part that hangs). Or if you feel comfortable you can wear what you want during the day.

The best gift for a jewelry lover is …

It depends on the woman but who would mind getting a beautiful art deco diamond bracelet?

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