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Meet The Most Beautiful Fitness Goddesses On Instagram
Meet The Most Beautiful Fitness Goddesses On Instagram

Video: Meet The Most Beautiful Fitness Goddesses On Instagram

Video: Meet The Most Beautiful Fitness Goddesses On Instagram
Video: Top 10 Most Beautiful Fitness Girls on Instagram | 2020 2023, March
Sascha Barboza
Sascha Barboza

From dancers to yoga enthusiasts, professional bodybuilders and girls passionate about sports, they light up social media one post at a time. In the new wave of fitness, dozens of beautiful women show their routines (exercise, food, beauty … life!) Becoming role models for mere mortals. Take a look at my favorites, to see that they are as normal as you and me!

The girl who keeps me awake: @EmilySkyeFit

It has become quite a sensation. And it is not for less, taking into account its defined and toned figure. The boom has been such that a magazine awarded her the cover as one of the most important women in the fitness world. Luckily Emily is quite an expert in makeup and hair!

My biggest inspiration: @ MichelleLewin

#LaCuerpa is proof that Latinos are invincible. Achieving what few, the Venezuelan is winner of multiple awards in bodybuilding, has appeared on magazine covers and has earned the title of fitness diva.

The most creative: @SaschaFitness

He does know how to exercise anywhere, anytime! The exercise and nutrition expert shares with all her followers infallible tricks to achieve an ideal body. Mom, businesswoman and model, Sascha Barboza is a whole box of surprises.

The best legs: @HaidyCruz


It is clear to us why they call it #IronLegs! The Dominican, mother of two, we are proud with those legs of steel.

The dynamic duo: @TwoBadBodies

These friends share exercise videos of all kinds that inspire millions. The greatest reward? It's the favorite FLOTUS account!

The sexiest pregnant: @Mariza_Villarreal


A little can not exercise while pregnant? Mariza has given herself the task of teaching us that pregnancy is not an excuse to continue with an active lifestyle. What a figure!

Proudly Latina: @ Massy. Arias

She has earned her followers and as a good Latina, she does not stop working to achieve her goals. I love her taste for fashion. Did I mention that her makeup and hair always look flawless?

Curvy Beauty: @LyzabethLopez

Step aside, Kim Kardashian! The bodybuilder has the curves well set, checking that the iron latinas come in all sizes.

From Puerto Rico to the world: @Yarishna


This winner of bodybuilding competition is an expert in the art of selfie. In addition, that Caribbean charisma makes her one of the most beloved of fitness.

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