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The Secret To Radiant Skin Could Be In Your Dinner

The Secret To Radiant Skin Could Be In Your Dinner
The Secret To Radiant Skin Could Be In Your Dinner

Video: The Secret To Radiant Skin Could Be In Your Dinner

Video: The Secret To Radiant Skin Could Be In Your Dinner
Video: Five Simple Diet Tips for Younger and Glowing Skin - Dr. Anthony Youn 2023, March
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

The Kim Kardashian glow is not always achieved with makeup … Or with the latest Instagram filter. It is also achieved by eating. Yes, eating! Would you be surprised if I tell you that a radiant look is obtained with some changes in your diet? Over there they say that there is no better medicine than the natural one and even, your favorite foods could become your new beauty regimen.

If I still don't convince you, an expert will. We can achieve a more even skin tone by making changes to our diet, confesses Jessica Wu, dermatologist and author of the book Feed Your Face. "There is enough research to say that eating has a lot to do with the quality of our skin. In fact, what we eat affects our hormones, causing acne or inflammation.”

Although it is true that creams treat the skin to the point of leaving it apparently ruddy, it is with food that a change is achieved inside and in the long term, says the dermatologist.

1. Good Fats: Many use a teaspoon of olive or coconut oil in the morning for its energy benefits, but what you may not know is that it helps eliminate extra pounds, speeding up metabolism and detoxifying the body, resulting in smoother and firmer skin, says dermatologist Wu.

Interesting fact: Dried fruits are an excellent choice of good fats, as they have Omega 3, whose benefits range from nourishing and hydrating the skin to stopping premature aging and regulating excess fat, according to natural medicine professionals.

2. Orange Peel: According to experts, the highest amount of antioxidants in fruits and certain vegetables are found in the peels. The orange is well known for its high level of vitamin C, but it is in its shell that the greatest amount of nutrients accumulates. Wu notes that Vitamin C has wonderful benefits for the face ranging from brightening to hydrating.

Interesting Fact: A kiwi has more than twice the vitamin C of an orange.

3. Oatmeal : Oatmeal not only serves as a face mask, it is also eaten. Whole grains of oats are an excellent source of energy since it is a carbohydrate with little sugar. Dermatologist Wu advises setting sugar aside as it is responsible for the production of a hormone called androgyne that causes acne.

Interesting fact: Apart from oats, a natural, complete and potassium-rich carbohydrate is banana.

4. Green tea: A green tea bag has incredible benefits. Journal of Nutrition researchers analyzed people who drank a beverage derived from green tea for approximately 12 weeks, finding that after this period, most ended up with softer, almost blemish-free skin.

Interesting Fact: Consuming green tea before doing any physical activity provides energy.

5. Eggs: In addition to being loaded with protein, eggs are low in fat. A recent study by the American Nutrition Clinic reported that a diet high in saturated fat is linked to the appearance of premature wrinkles on the face.

Interesting fact: Instead of the whole egg, use the whites. You save yourself the waste and a few calories.

The list goes on and on! But now it is clear to you that the glow is not exclusive to the Kardashians. Adapting a natural and balanced diet is ideal for the organism and in the process we avoid putting a thousand filters on our photos … #IWokeUpLikeThisForRealz

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