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The Venezuelan Speaks With Don Francisco
The Venezuelan Speaks With Don Francisco

Video: The Venezuelan Speaks With Don Francisco

Video: The Venezuelan Speaks With Don Francisco
Video: Legendary TV Host Don Francisco Reflects On His American Dream | Nightly News Films 2023, March

After months of silence, Marjorie de Sousa will tell her truth on the show Don Francisco invites you next Sunday at 10 pm ET on Telemundo. In an intimate conversation with People en Español, the Chilean driver gave a preview of what the public can expect from this interview.

How did Marjorie de Sousa decide to talk to you?

This was somewhat coincidental, because Marjorie is also Telemundo's new acquisition for her new series, Across the Wall. It seemed to me that our program had to give Marjorie the opportunity to express her point of view, beyond the legal point of view because I know them both; I know Julián very well and we are friends. I know Marjorie very well from all the years I have been in this business. I think everyone has a version of things.

I think it was very open, I thank her for giving me the exclusive and giving her the exposure she needs to express her feelings.

What was the most surprising thing about this interview?

I felt the deep pain that she feels for this situation. I do not have all the background that produces it although she was very open and very explicit. That pain that she suffers will interpret many women and mothers, many children. It will make people think about the relationship. About the shortest distance between love and hate. That is expressed in this interview where she tells her truth, she does not keep her pain, she was diaphanous in telling that difficulty. I asked him what was good and what was bad, whether he liked it or not.

Who do you think is right?

Who would say that when you are upset you are right? They all have it because if there is something difficult in life it is reconciliation. Why is this feeling so difficult? Because it has to go through all the egos that the human being has and this is valid for both people. I can understand that a relationship does not work, but I find it hard to understand that a relationship that has been diaphanous and loving turns into a war, that's why they say that the only war in which the enemies sleep together are marriages.

One has to overcome many things to maintain the relationship. I listened to it very carefully and the most important thing is that it seemed very sincere. She is right or not, I don't know.

Each one will draw his conclusion. I have mine and I will say it in the program.

Marjorie de Sousa, pregnancy
Marjorie de Sousa, pregnancy

Do you think this had to be kept private?

I told her that and it will be good to hear her answer. Do you think that you can be popular without involving your personal life?

What can the public expect from this interview?

It is great to see what the answer to this will be. The public is wise, the public is going to have an opportunity to express their opinion, this is unbalanced because one part has spoken a lot with the press and the other has not, perhaps this will make people reformulate their thoughts.

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