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Mark Tacher Finally Breaks The Silence About Their Separation

Mark Tacher Finally Breaks The Silence About Their Separation
Mark Tacher Finally Breaks The Silence About Their Separation

Video: Mark Tacher Finally Breaks The Silence About Their Separation

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Video: MARK TACHER 2023, January

Less than a week ago the bomb exploded when it was known that Mark Tacher and Cynthia Alesco separated and canceled their religious wedding. Now the popular Telemundo host and actor has reappeared to face the storm and speak for the first time about the breakup.

His silence had intrigued everyone but the program Venga la Alejo (TV Azteca) was able to exchange a few sincere words with Mark who for the first time opened his heart on the subject that has been the news of the week. And brace yourselves because he not only confirmed the thunder but also revealed that he and Cynthia had long ago separated.

"My relationship ended in June of last year, a one-and-a-half minute civil marriage took place, which was in a situation that she and I were planning to surprise at the religious wedding, but that was like in April more or less than last year, and in June we decided to end the relationship of both parties … ", confessed the actor in a live call made from Colombia.

"Later in June, July in the Operation Pacific project, because obviously we helped her to enter Operation Pacific so that she could develop as an actress because at that time we started working and there were irreconcilable differences," she confessed sincerely, " which we got to talk at some point and said that we ended the relationship, June, July last year the relationship ended and now … ".

As we can now see, the truth of the separation came to light almost by accident, when a fan asked Cynthia about her wedding in a video that continues to spin on the network:

"I have been asked a lot about this topic, no, in fact today I am one year married, but no, the religious wedding has no longer taken place," shared the actress at the time.

By the way, during his interview with Come the joy -and without mentioning things by name- Tacher took the opportunity to assure that there will be "legal" consequences for those who have sparked rumors about him as a result of the news of the breakup and that they would include a rumor of infidelity. "What is being said about me … is an unfounded lie and the necessary measures are already being taken." For the record.

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