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María Conchita Alonso Naked In The Quarantine

María Conchita Alonso Naked In The Quarantine
María Conchita Alonso Naked In The Quarantine

Video: María Conchita Alonso Naked In The Quarantine

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Video: María Conchita Alonso se desnuda a los 62 años 2023, February

Actress and singer María Conchita Alonso caused a furore on social networks by sharing a video in the bathroom as God brought her to the world.

The 62-year-old interpreter shared a clip on her Instagram account in which she shows how quarantine passes: relaxed in the privacy of her home and taking a bath in her tub by candlelight.

"From my bathtub to yours. Stay home and enjoy the quarantine…”was the message with which the Venezuelan artist accompanied the images in which she is heard singing her musical success“Imagine me”from the early nineties.

The provocative video of just over 4 minutes is a new version of the classic and was directed by his best friend, singer Enrique Divine. It already has more than 26,000 views and hundreds of comments

“Your video is very divine and original. I loved. Very sexy,”said one of the Instagram users.

The also actress has been quite active on social networks, where she shares where updates on how her quarantine is happening at home and videos of her concerts throughout her artistic career.

Divine and Conchita Alonso revealed that they decided to quarantine together to keep each other company.

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