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Animals Go Outside With The Coronavirus Quarantine

Animals Go Outside With The Coronavirus Quarantine
Animals Go Outside With The Coronavirus Quarantine

Video: Animals Go Outside With The Coronavirus Quarantine

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Video: As Humans Retreat Indoors, Wild Animals Are Having The Run Of The Place | Sunday TODAY 2023, January

They usually hide when they smell human nearby but now that there is no 'enemy' in sight, many animals have come out of their dens to enjoy that peace and silence that in normal situations is practically impossible.

There are no children in the schools, no excessive traffic or crowded people on the streets. Most families remain at home in order to cope with the Covid-19. So the wildest fauna has seen that this was theirs to make appearances in places they normally flee from.

Naturalists are observing that there are certain species that are even leaving their natural habitat to be seen 'on the go' through the big cities. A real show.

For example, fallow deer and deer take a few turns around the seashore at another time occupied by the human species so noisy. In the absence of their tracks, some of these animals have decided to take a dip and run around freely.

Social networks have been collecting images of unimaginable moments in the past where that fauna has begun to recolonize, even if only temporarily, the streets of our cities. The Oakland peacocks in California have already been seen, and in Madrid too. Coyotes and foxes have not wanted to be less and have been present in some cities like San Francisco.

And what about those hundreds of bird species that come to our windows? It is not that they have resurfaced from nowhere or there are more than before, they simply come out hearing less bustle, their singing being the main protagonist. A luxury for the senses because, despite everything, we can enjoy an amalgam of colors and wonderful whistles from our balconies.

Before they existed but we paid less attention and scared them with our human customs. According to the Chilean press, pumas have even been seen in the streets of Santiago. In fact one of them had to be captured by the security forces because he was a danger. It seems that there were so few people who dared to come down from the hills.

More dolphins have also been seen in the waters of Cagliari, Sardinia, a real postcard for our eyes. Goats, wild boars, ducks, no one resists this temptation to walk alone through the streets of the world. In short, that they have occupied the space that was always theirs and that we humans took from them. Nature is wise.

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