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Easter Customs And Traditions Of The Famous

Easter Customs And Traditions Of The Famous
Easter Customs And Traditions Of The Famous

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The arrival of Easter in 2020 will undoubtedly be remembered by millions around the world, since the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the popular traditions of Easter.

Of course, despite the social distancing that exists on the planet, multiple personalities celebrated Easter from home and with their family. Take a look at celebrities and their traditions to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

As part of their Christian traditions, the royal family meets in Winsor every Easter Sunday to attend a mass and commemorate the resurrection of Jesus. But this time, despite the fact that they could not be together, the members of the British monarchy turned to their social networks to celebrate the occasion with their followers.

Queen Elizabeth II shared a beautiful message through the social networks of the royal family in which she spoke about how light will always defeat darkness.

For their part, the clan of Prince William and his family shared this image of Kensington Palace, next to which you can read: "Wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter."

For Jennifer López, her religious beliefs are very important and this is how the star lets her see each time she and her family dedicate a special time to celebrate days like Easter.

During the most recent celebration of Easter Sunday, the Bronx Diva not only took the opportunity to send a beautiful message of hope to her millions of followers, she also shared details of the Easter celebration that she had with her children Max and Emme, her fiancé Alex Rodríguez and her daughters Natasha and Ella. A fun egg hunt could not miss.

Another of the great stars of the Latin entertainment world that celebrates Easter in a big way is Adamari López. Since Alaïa's arrival in the world, the family of Toni Costa has made it a tradition for Easter Sunday to share beautiful family photographs with their millions of followers.

Despite being one of the most controversial families in show business, the Kardashian family has proven to have a great connection to God and their Christian beliefs. Although eccentricities are never necessary in their celebrations, for each member of the clan, occasions such as Easter will always be a great time to share with the family.

The celebrations of occasions such as Easter Sunday or Christmas are part of the most important religious traditions for the Kardashians and thus they show it through their publications on the networks.

For the Obamas, their connection to their Christian beliefs have always been one of the pillars of their family. During the years that Barack Obama was President of the United States, it was always vitally important to show the world the values ​​they profess within their clan. For this reason, the former president and the former first lady, Michelle Obama, always took a moment to honor celebrations such as Easter.

Barack and Michelle's social networks became the best communication channel to spread beautiful messages to their followers and the most recent Easter celebration was no exception.

“Even though our celebrations will be different this year, our unwavering faith remains the same. For me, Easter is a time of hope -a reminder of rebirth and renewal- and of faith that we will have a better tomorrow, "shared the former president with this beautiful image.

“Although many of us are celebrating Easter during this time of physical estrangement, I know that we also miss being together to share past traditions. This year, I have a new feeling of gratitude for all the little moments we took for granted,”added Michelle, along with these photographs of past Easter celebrations.

The Portuguese, one of the biggest stars in world football, is also another of the celebrities who has deep roots in his Christian beliefs. The former Real Madrid star has repeatedly shared details of his family celebrations such as Easter. In this 2020, Cristiano Ronaldo took the opportunity to send a nice message of Easter Sunday accompanied by his clan.

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