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This Is How Famous Latinas Celebrated Easter 2020

This Is How Famous Latinas Celebrated Easter 2020
This Is How Famous Latinas Celebrated Easter 2020

Video: This Is How Famous Latinas Celebrated Easter 2020

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Video: This Is How People Celebrate Easter Around the World 2023, February

There is no doubt that the celebration of the arrival of Easter in 2020 will be unforgettable for Christians around the world. It is not for less, since due to the situation facing the planet due to the pandemic generated by COVID-19, millions of people celebrated Easter Sunday at home and with their families.

Of course, big stars of Latino entertainment took advantage of the day to share emotional and beautiful messages through their popular social networks. Here we share the details of how the famous celebrated Easter.

The Bronx Diva was one of the celebrities who turned to her networks to greet her followers during the celebration of Easter Sunday. “I want to wish you a wonderful and happy Easter, I know that these are difficult times. Today is a day in which we celebrate miracles, let's pray for ours… I love you all, Happy Easter!”, He expressed through a video posted on Instagram.

For her part, the beautiful Mexican actress decided to celebrate the arrival of Easter by sweetening the day of her followers with a sweet recipe: delicious chocolates that she mixed with Blue Reposado Class tequila. “For your entertainment, here are some recipes for homemade chocolates, so that your Easter can be enjoyed with your family. Happy Easter!”, Wrote Salma with a video.

The multifaceted artist decided to surprise her more than 15 million followers on Instagram with this sensual photo, in which she transformed into an Easter bunny.

The renowned journalist, 44, shared a beautiful and emotional message of reflection on her networks. “May you have a blessed day, full of peace and let us take advantage of this time to rediscover the joy of the family. He lives, celebrates his resurrection,”reads part of the message written by the beautiful Puerto Rican.

So happy, together with her two offspring Lina and Lorenzo, the beloved presenter of the show El Gordo and La Flaca de Univisión posed. The most valuable thing in life is not what we have, but who we have. Happy Easter my beautiful people! Wishing you health over all things and that you have God in your lives. I love you”, was the cute message from Lili to her millions of followers.

The Venezuelan star of the small screen took advantage of the celebration of Easter not only to pose with these fun bunny ears, but also to show off how much her daughter Oriana has grown. " My baby … It is already big, but it will always be my baby," said Gaby accompanying these photos.

The sexy Colombian actress left this message for her millions of followers: “When we can go out, I am sure that we will be better people and we will value even more each hug, each caress, each kiss, each word. Happy Easter Sunday my beautiful people”.

The Mexican star of melodramas posed with this bunny to share an emotional message with his fans. "Happy Easter Sunday. A different Easter but with all the positive energy wishing you infinite health, "wrote Aracely.

The former member of the renowned youth group RBD took advantage of Easter Sunday to share an emotional message and at the same time demonstrate once again that she is a woman of faith. “We must not stop valuing and thanking everything we have and helping those who need us most. I love you very much”, reads part of the beautiful text posted by the singer and actress.

The iconic Mexican actress took advantage of Easter Sunday to let her followers know that the best way to celebrate this day was at home with the family. "Stay home and exercise! Resurrection Sunday”, read the text that accompanies this video of Itati with her clan.

The beautiful actress, born in Texas, posted this beautiful photograph on her social networks to celebrate the arrival of Easter.

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